From the dean

We are celebrating our 50th anniversary during the 2013-14 academic year. We’ve come a long way since our first dean, Charles Lawshe, helped shepherd the college into existence, and yet it feels like we’re only just beginning to hit our stride.

The theme for our yearlong celebration is “Imagine. Create. Experience.” They are three words that describe Lawshe’s vision for an academic unit focused on engineering technology programs. And they apply today as we envision the ways the college can continue to be impactful in today’s society.

When it was created 50 years ago, the School of Technology was the University clearinghouse for associate degrees. We had more faculty at regional campuses than on WL campus. That was not our mission, however. Our mission was to serve the state and its citizens to provide education and training to improve the state’s economy. Our mission now isn’t much different, but our tools and our tactics have changed drastically, and they will continue to morph. We are looking at new content (ever changing), new ways of delivering content, and new ways of engaging with our constituents.

This year will be a transformative one for the College of Technology, and it's only fitting that our celebration should come at such an exciting time in the college's development. By the time the year and celebration are complete, we will have renewed energy and renewed focus to make the next 50 years the most exciting yet.

Thank you for helping us celebrate throughout the year. Please share your memories, your ideas and your experiences through any of our social media channels, via email, with the memories form on this site, or through a regular person-to-person conversation.

Hail Purdue!

Gary R. Bertoline