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I started in AMT [aviation maintenance] in the Spring of 1965 after just returning from Vietnam where I was helicopter crew chief on a Marine H-34D Sikorsky. The AMT department acquired a Army H-19 Sikorsky that I had trained on. No one else knew anything about choppers, and it became my responsibility. We painted it Caterpillar Yellow with a big face on the nose naming it "Happy Hilda" and making it a favorite of all the visiting school children. Every so often I would need to lubricate all the parts. This required spreading the rotor blades and greasing the rotor head. I would do this outside the hangar doors at AMT, and people started to collect over at Lake Central Airlines terminal to watch this strange aircraft take off. The starting of the R-1340 radial engine was always a belch of smoke and roar of power. I would bring the engine up to temperature and then engage the rotor blades. The people watching would get excited that their long wait would now be rewarded with a take off. I was in the pilot's seat all strapped in with seat and shoulder harness in case I tipped it over. Once I had the main rotor transmission up to temperature, I would reverse the process shutting everything down, folding the rotor blades and hauling it into the hangar to the groans of the spectators. My A&P mechanic's license allowed me to work at the airport, helping me to graduate with a BS in Industrial Supervision. 30 years later I retired from Dow Chemical after supervising a number of departments. AMT was a good transition for me coming out of the service and on to a degree that gave me a good life.
Submitted by: Warren R. Smith
Graduated: 1967
Department: AMT
Shared on: 9/1/2013
Graduated Winter 1964 in the 1st class in Industrial Illustration Technology. My cover design was chosen for the 1st Technology Catalogue and had the distinction of being the first illustrator that Ford in Dearborn Michigan hired from a college program rather than hiring from job experience. The Purdue Technology degree has served me well and along with previous Purdue Engineering credits allowed me to eventually land a engineering position at Chrysler in Kokomo. Have fond memories of Michael Golden Shops and the old CE Building (creaking wooden floors and all) as well as the FWA labs.
Submitted by: Richard (Dick) Davison
Graduated: Winter 1964
Department: Industrial Illustration Technology
Shared on: 8/29/2013
In the mid 1970's, we were introduced to the new Intel 8088 processor. After the old "Mike's Castle" closed for the night, a few of us climbed in a window to get our hands on the new gizmo. Great fun!
Submitted by: RICH CRIM
Graduated: 1978
Department: EET
Shared on: 8/29/2013
Monday morning - 8:30 am in my first class as a new Assistant Professor in CIMT. I stood in front of the class and took a picture of the students in the room. I think I surprised them. 25 years later teaching students in the COT is still the best job in the world.
Submitted by: Henry Kraebber
Shared on: 8/23/2013
When Professor Miller came into class (CGT 112) on the first day riding around on his roller skates with full protective gear.... and then every other day as well. Good times.
Submitted by: Zach Rodimel
Graduated: 2011
Department: Computer Graphics Technology
Shared on: 8/23/2013
When Gary Bertoline told our class of freshmen to "quit listening to the radio in the car and use the time to think" - changed my driving habits forever.
Submitted by: Matt Bosma
Graduated: 1998
Department: Technical Graphics
Shared on: 8/23/2013
I started working for the College of Technology in December 2006. The faculty and staff have always been friendly to work with and passionate about their jobs and the college's mission. It has been a positive challenge to help communicate all the good the college continues to do.
Submitted by: Steven Lincoln
Shared on: 8/22/2013