Study Abroad


  • Tsinghua University – Beijing, China
  • Dublin Institute of Technology - Ireland
  • Darmstadt University - Germany
  • Lucerne University - Switzerland
  • Queensland University of Technology - Australia
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – Australia


  • Technology Leadership and Innovation - Bavaria, Germany, Led by Henry Kraebber
  • Aviation Tour of Europe, Led by Mike Nolan and Ron Sterkenburg
  • Sustainable Construction / Service Learning in Costa Rica, Led by Daphene Koch


  • Global Policy and Innovation Seminar Study Abroad in Germany, Led by Dennis Depew and Melissa Dark
  • International Constructon Management in China (incorporating building construction management and computer graphics technology), Led by Doug Keith and Ray Hassan
  • Launch Tomorrow’s World Leaders: Summer Study in China, Led by Chien-tsung Lu
  • Exploring Graduate and Undergraduate Careers in Peru, Led by Edie Schmidt and Cyndi Lynch
  • Unified Modeling Language and Mobile Application Development in Peru, Led by Victor Barlow and Ray Hansen
  • Manufacturing In China, Led by Qingyou Han
  • Sustainable Energy Technologies in Germany, Led by Neal Widmer and Athula Kulatunga
  • International Construction Management in Ireland, Led by James Jenkins

Contact the College of Technology Office of Globalization for more information: