Strategic Plan


Moving the College of Technology from good to great

It is time for the College of Technology to lead this nation in the definition and preparation of the 21st century technologist. This can be accomplished through a shared vision that goes well beyond our individual needs and the needs of any single department or program. The college has an opportunity to be the thought leader for the nation in preparing graduates that will become the engine of change necessary to revitalize and grow the economy of Indiana and the nation. This higher purpose and shared vision will be our focal point for everything we do and every decision we make; the definition and preparation of the 21st Century Technologist. . . . This strategic plan is our roadmap to our future and through it we will transform the College of Technology and change the world." (from the 2012-13 Strategic Plan introduction)

2012-13 Overarching Goals

  • Double research expenditures within five years
  • Transform Statewide Technology
  • Transform the curriculum
  • Implement a plan for required space
  • Create a coordinated engagement strategy
  • Inspire philanthropic engagement and growth at all levels
  • Nurture a diverse student body, faculty and staff, and cultivate an inclusive climate

Download the four-page overview (PDF).

Download the entire plan (PDF).