Registration Information and Instructions

Summer & Fall 2014

• PLEASE READ very carefully
• AT Registration Period begins February 24th
• Refer to your plan of study when planning which courses to take
• Allen will meet with AVMG and Rose will meet with AENT.  Both advisors will be meeting with Flight students.
• To schedule an appointment with Rose:
• To schedule an appointment with Allen:

• PLAN!! Fall 2014! Summer 2014!
• Access the schedule of classes for Summer available NOW, for Fall available March 17 off MyPurdue!
• YOU ARE REQUIRED TO COME IN TO SEE US TO GET YOUR PIN ACCESS CODE!!!  You will need this code to register for summer or fall classes and to make any schedule changes.  (NEW PINs will be issued every semester!!!)
Check on My Purdue under Academics for your Time tickets so that you know when you can go into MyPurdue and register! 

*The following student groups will be granted priority registration; ROTC, Athletes, Cheerleaders, University Honors, certain students with disabilities where we have been advised to assigned priority.

myPurdue Classification

  • Freshmen: 0 – 29 hours
  • Sophomore: 30 – 59 hours
  • Junior: 60 – 89 hours
  • Senior: 90- 105+ hours

• Be sure the Registrar has your correct address.
• Check out the Registrar’s web page for their Registration Information  at
• Remember to confirm AND pay your fees through My Purdue or you will be automatically cancelled.  Even IF your balance is “0”, you MUST confirm on MyPurdue!!!
• March 24th   is the last day to drop a class!!! Signatures required!!!  Form is processed through Room 45, Hovde Hall.
• Walk-in times will be posted after spring break.

How to check if overrides needed have been entered before a student self-registers: It is difficult to “catch” all the overrides that need to be given. The AT advisors and the AT students need to work together to make sure the appropriate overrides have been entered for AT courses. (such as: AT 253, instrument flight – Department override needed; CAND 991 for Summer or Fall candidates – Department override needed; If the appropriate overrides have been entered, self-registration will go much smoother. Students can check in the Academic Tab – on left side in Registration Status. Overrides that have been entered will be listed. For overrides needed outside AT, the information can be found on the Registrar site. (On the Registrar site, click on Override Contact Guide; or Schedule Deputy Contacts.)

Pre-requisite overrides are generally given by the AT instructor.

Plans of Study
Which plan are you on?

MyPurdue Plan
From the plan of study you are on, are there exceptions that need to be made for your myPurdue plan?

Transfer Credit Database
If you are thinking about taking a summer course at home please check how the course will transfer.

Degree Resources

Academic Advisors

Senior Academic Advisor (Lead)
Office: NISW 172
Academic Advisor
Office: Niswonger Aviation Technology Bldg, Office 172B