Disaster Restoration and Reconstruction Management Concentration


The goal of the Disaster Restoration and Reconstruction Management (DRRM) concentration is to prepare students to enter the disaster restoration subsector of the construction industry with enhanced skills and knowledge of typical restoration requirements, equipment, techniques, and management concerns.  Successful completion of the two DRRM courses will impart many skills required of entry-level professionals in the disaster recovery industry.  The emphasis of the first course is breadth of exposure to new terminology, job roles, restoration techniques and special business concerns.  The second course develops the subjects more deeply and integrates them to provide students with many skills essential for disaster recovery project managers. 


Upon completion of the following plan of study and the core requirements of the BCM degree program, the student receives the "Disaster Restoration and Reconstruction Management Concentration" designation on their transcript.  Students who choose to pursue the DRRM concentration complete the required courses of the BCM program, plus an additional six (6) credit hours of courses, which are specific to disaster recovery management.  Interested students should note that the studies do not include emergency response or emergency management.  Neither do the courses develop concepts of pre-event hazard mitigation.  Instead, the concentration teaches about contractor activities after emergency conditions have stabilized, when they can safely move into stricken regions to restore and reconstruct the built environment.

Plan of Study

  • BCM 320 Introduction to Disaster Restoration and Reconstruction Management (3 credit hours)
  • BCM 321 Disaster Restoration and Reconstruction Project Management (3 credit hours)

Total:   6 Credit Hours

Required DRRM Courses