Healthcare Construction Management Concentration


The goal of the Healthcare Construction Management (HLCM) concentration is to provide a higher level of education for those students who are interested in the field of healthcare. With the growth of technology in this industry and the specialization of the work, it is important for students to understand the risks associated with these types of projects.


Upon completion of the following plan of study, and in conjunction with the core requirements of the BCM program, the student will receive the "Healthcare Construction Management Concentration" designation on their transcript. Students who choose to pursue the HLCM concentration will complete an additional six (6) credit hours of courses which are specific to the healthcare construction industry.

Plan of Study

  • BCM 340 Introduction to Healthcare Construction Management (3 credit hours)
  • BCM 341 Advanced Healthcare Construction Management(3 credit hours)

Total:  6 Credit Hours

Required HLCM Courses