ECET Advanced Analysis Selective

Choose from one of the following courses:

ECET 33500 - Computer Architecture And Performance Evaluation (spring only)

The course focuses on the evaluation, implementation and application of computers and embedded systems. The architecture of modern computer CPUs and their peripheral subsystems are presented at the block level, with emphasis on the memory hierarchy, techniques for performance improvement, and the instruction set. Analytic performance evaluation techniques, including probability and stochastic processes, are introduced and developed, as well as common benchmarking tools for quantifying performance and solving problems. Students apply common performance evaluation tools and implement performance evaluation algorithms of their own creation, comparing time and space performance.

ECET 33700 - Analog Signal Processing (fall only)

This advanced course in analog circuit analysis stresses network theorems and solutions of time and frequency domain problems. Transform circuit and signal analyses, using Laplace and Fourier techniques, are applied in active filter design. Software tools are employed to solve mathematical problems.

ECET 33900 - Digital Signal Processing (fall only)

The course introduces students to the fundamental principles associated with processing discrete time signals. The architecture, instruction set and hardware and software development tools associated with a fixed point general purpose VLSI digital signal processor are examined. Some common real-time applications are implemented such as digital filters and DFT-based spectral estimation on a typical fixed point digital signal processor.

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