Manufacturing Selective

A course from Technology, Engineering, Management or Science that has a connection to manufacturing process and materials, controls, systems, innovation or operations and that supports the academic interests of the students.

Processes and materials

AT 27200 Introduction to Composite Technology
AT 30802 Aircraft Materials Processes
AT 40800 Advanced Aircraft Manufacturing Processes
ECET 27000 Electronic Prototype Development


IT 34500 Automatic Identification and Data Capture
IT 44500 Problem-solving with Automatic Data Collection


CGT 32600 Graphics Standards for Product Definition
CGT 42300 Product Data Management
CGT 42600 Industrial Applications for Simulation
MET 30200 CAD in the Enterprise
MET 45100 Manufacturing Quality Systems


OLS 48400 Leadership Strategies for Quality and Productivity
ENTR Courses in the Entrepreneurship Certificate program


IT 38100 Total Productive Maintenance
IT 38500 Industrial Ergonomics
IT 44200 Production Planning
IT 44600 Six Sigma Quality
IT 48300 Facility Design for Lean Manufacturing
MET 54600 Industrial Application of CIM Technology

Credit Hours: