MS in Technology - EET

MS in Technology - Electrical Engineering Technology Focus

From biotechnology to nanotechnology, and from forensics to power, your graduate studies and research will prepare you for advanced practice of engineering technology, applied research, or leadership in government or industry positions. In addition to individual research and coursework, you will have the opportunity to participate in collaborations with the University’s Discovery Park, Purdue Research Park, and other colleges.

Graduate studies in electrical engineering technology are designed to be flexible to meet the needs of students and faculty interests. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology offers six research areas:

  • Biotechnology (for applications in agriculture, food science, and medicine)
  • Communications (examines electromagnetic wave propagation, antenna theory and design, transmission lines, waveguides, and fiber optics)
  • Computing (spans the smallest embedded sensor networks to the largest supercomputers, incorporating digital signal processing, data communications, and software development)
  • Forensics (considers, through interdisciplinary classes, applications of forensics in the American jurisprudence system)
  • Nanotechnology (crosses the boundaries of all our specializations providing the next generation of techniques and measurements tools)
  • Power (includes energy management, energy efficiency improvement and power management using power electronics, and closed loop process controls)