Technical Elective

AGEC 33100 Principles of Selling in Ag Business
COM 21200 Approaches to Interpersonal Communication
COM 25300 Introduction to Public Relations
COM 25600 Introduction to Advertising
COM 31500 Speech Communication of Technical Information
COM 32000 Small Group Communication
COM 32400 Communication Behavior in Organizations
COM 32500 Interviewing Principles and Practices
CSR 10500 Introduction to Business
CSR 20900 Introduction to Retail Management
CSR 28200 Customer Relations Management
CSR 30900 Leadership Strategies
CSR 33200 Cross-Cultural Marketing and International Retailing
CSR 34200 Personal Finance
CSR 40100 Buying of Merchandise
CSR 48600 Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits
MGMT 24200 Personal Finance for Minorities
MGMT 24300 Minorities in Management
MGMT 32300 Introduction to Marketing Analysis
MGMT 45500 Business Law I
MGMT 40100 Krannert Executive Forum (1 cr. hour)
MGMT 44301/OBHR 30000 Management of Human Resources
HK 20000 Healthy Lifestyles
HK 37600 History of Sport
HK 44000 Human Diseases and Disorders
HK 44500 Principles of Epidemiology
HK 52400 Managing Health, Fitness & Sports Org HK 57200 Sports in American Culture
HTM 31700 (1cr.) Business Etiquette for Managers
HSCI 13100 (1 cr.) Medical Terminology
HSCI 20100 Principles of Public Health
IT 10400 Industrial Organization
IT 21400 Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
IT 33000 Industrial Sales & Sales Management
T 33200 Purchasing, Inventory, and Warehouse Management
IT 34500 Automatic Identification
IT 35100 Adv Ind Safety & Health Mgmt
IT 38100 Total Productive Maintenance
IT 38500 Industrial Ergonomics
IT 43200 Financial Transactions in Distribution
IT 43400 Global Transportation & Logistics Mgmt
IT 43500 Distribution Policy Management
IT 44200 Production Planning
IT 44600 Six Sigma Quality
IT 48300 Facility Planning and Materials Handling
PSY 27200 Industrial / Organizational Psychology
PSY 2800 Consumer Behavior
PSY 33300 Motivation
PSY 47500 Work Motivation and Job Satisfaction
SOC 37400 Medical Sociology
SOC 57200 Comparative Healthcare Systems
SOC 57400 The Social Organization of Healthcare
SOC 57600 Health and Aging in America

Credit Hours: