Residential Construction Management

Residential Construction Management degree

The residential construction management concentration is an optional concentration offered as part of the building construction management degree program. The concentration will be reflected on your official academic transcript.


The goal of the residential construction management (RSCM) concentration program is to provide a higher level of education for those Building Construction Management (BCM) students who are interested in the field of Residential Construction.

Coursework will provide students the necessary skills required for entry-level positions in the residential construction industries. Topics include:

  • land development
  • design
  • planning
  • estimating
  • scheduling
  • residential construction methods
  • marketing
  • cost analysis


Upon completion of the following plan of study, and in conjunction with the core requirements of the BCM program, the student will receive the "Residential Construction Management Concentration" designation on their transcript. Students who choose to pursue the RSCM concentration will complete an additional ten (10) credit hours of courses which are specific to the residential construction industry.

Students in this concentration may be interested in joining the Purdue chapter of the National Association of Home Builders.

Plan of Study

  • BCM 360 Residential Construction (3 credit hours)
  • BCM 461 Residential Design Build (2 credit hours)
  • Residential Concentration Selective – Pick one of the following:  BCM 361, BCM 362, BCM 412, BCM 460, AD 450, AGEC 331,  CGT 360, LA 150, LA 151, LA 152

Total:  6 Credit Hours

Required RSCM Courses

Placement Data

Number of Graduates Percent of Grads Reported Placement Rate Average Salary
61 100% 93.4% $52,339

Potential Job Titles

In addition to the fees charged to all Purdue students (technology fee, repair and rehabilitation fee, student fitness and wellness fee), students in the College of Technology pay a differential general service fee of $286.00 each semester.

Full information about tuition and fees is available on the Purdue Bursar’s Office Web site.

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