Mission, Vision, and Values

Aviation Technology Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Aviation Technology is to support the missions of
the College of Technology and Purdue University in serving the citizens of the State
of Indiana, the nation, and the world, through learning, scholarship (discovery), and
engagement activities that extend aviation technology education, aviation technology
discovery efforts and technology transfer, and implementation (application) of
emerging technology for the global aviation industry. Student learning is advanced by
discovery and engagement activities that enhance economic and social development.

Vision Statement

The Department of Aviation Technology will be the recognized global leader in
aviation technology education through excellence in faculty, students, curricula,
laboratories, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Aviation Technology Core Values

The College of Technology at Purdue University, including the Statewide Technology
System, commits to adopt the University's core values. In order to carry out its unique
mission and vision in the University system, the Department of Aviation Technology
also strives to adopt the following additional set of core values.

The faculty and staff of the Department of Aviation Technology endeavor to:

  • Provide technology-intensive education of exceptional quality that meets the high academic standards of Purdue University, and the specific needs of the nation's aviation and aerospace industries.
  • Provide students with learning-centered experiences that prepare them to be innovative, that instill a vision of aviation as a global industry, and that enable them to excel in their future academic and professional pursuits.
  • Foster an environment for faculty, staff, and students that stimulates excellence and commitment to discovery and life-long learning.
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues, both within the College and across the University, as equal partners, in ways that capitalize on the unique strengths of each.
  • Work together for the common good of the College and University to constantly improve every aspect of the department, through teamwork, responsibility, accountability, integrity, and trust.
  • Provide friendly, timely, and professional service, focused on the needs of the customer.
  • Actively engage with community, business, and industry partners served by this department and each statewide technology location.
  • Serve the technical education needs of the State of Indiana in times and locations that are both practical and convenient.
  • Provide an educational and work environment characterized by equal access, inclusiveness, and cultural and gender diversity.