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February 26, 2015

Region Flyers has open opportunities

Region Flyers in Valparaiso, IN is looking for full and part-time CFI's.  Visit for company information.  Region Flyers is run by a Purdue Grad and preference is given to self-motivated, independent instructors.  New CFI's welcome - no minimum Dual Given required.



February 26, 2015

International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading Foundation (ISTAT Foundation) and it’s Internship Program" style="width: 617px; height: 174px;" />

The ISTAT Foundation was founded to provide funds for scholarships, educational programs and grants to qualified individuals and institutions that promote the advancement of commercial aviation and humanitarianism.
Through its Internship Program, the ISTAT Foundation seeks to assist in the development and education of aviation focused college students with aspirations to become a professional within the industry. Acting as an intermediary, the ISTAT Internship Program helps in matching qualified students with internship opportunities at ISTAT member companies. Some of the benefits that selected students will receive include:
•         Stipend to offset the students housing and or travel expenses.
•         Real world, practical experience working for industry leading companies in the aviation finance, leasing, trading, manufacturing and repair sector.
•         Career development
•         Ability for the student to build a network of industry professionals
•         Application of classroom knowledge in a work setting.

In terms of next steps I would ask you to download the program brochure at this link to distribute and then point any interested students to go to the ISTAT solicit interested students and have them go to the ISTAT Internship web portal to view the posted opportunities:



February 26, 2015

The Boston Consulting Group has open positions

**Full Time Career Opportunities**
In addition, we are actively looking for Advanced Degree Candidates pursuing a PhD, MD, JD, or Post-doc and will discuss the application process and details for full-time career opportunities in both 2015 and 2016 start dates. Also visit our on campus page for more information and how to apply: (Insert correct campus page). Applications for full-time positions are also being accepted until April 12, 2015.

We look forward to helping you along the recruiting path towards BCG.  Please contact Nick Cormier with any questions at


February 26, 2015

Rolls-Royce is currently hiring OWC Flight Technician Level 1

OWC Flight Technician Level 1

Job Description: (Entry Level)
The flight technician is responsible for the disassembly, repair, re-assembly and visual inspection of Rolls-Royce gas turbine engine components and associated airframe components in a shop or field environment. Each technician is expected to perform his/her duties in a satisfactory manor while under direct supervision in a training status to be outlined by Management and Quality teams. Each technician will be jointly responsible for their career path and development toward future organization growth including leadership roles.

Minimum Job Responsibilities:
 Train to disassemble, repair, and preserve engines, with potential to learn inspection and assembly at a basic level.
 Operate equipment such as forklift, scissor lift, hoist, pneumatic and power hand tools, along with special engine tools.
 Basic knowledge of operating precision tools and equipment to perform accurate dimensions and measurements.
• Various Torque wrenches.
• Multi-Meter.
• Caliper’s
• Depth Gauge
 Comply with work scope instructions as directed by our Maintenance Operations Center and or your team lead.
 Use basic troubleshooting logic along with applicable manuals to identify defects in component parts.
 Learn to read and interpret technical documents such as blue prints, technical drawings.

Basic Qualifications:
 FAA Airframe & Power Plant License
 High School Diploma or equivalent
 Have no allergic reaction to chemicals or materials used in performing related tasks.
 Ability to lift engine components weighing up to approximately 50 pounds.
 Ability to read, write, comprehend and speak English at the 12th grade level or better.
 Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
 Ability to work any shift and overtime as needed.
 Participation in an FAA Drug & Alcohol Abatement Program.
 Ability to travel up 80% of the time domestically or internationally.

Preferred Qualifications:
 2+ year’s prior aviation experience.
 Prior Rolls-Royce gas turbine engine experience.
 Prior logistics such as shipping, receiving and inventory.

If interested please contact or



February 20, 2015

Envoy currently has 20 openings for A&P Mechanics