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Human Factors

The Applied Human Factors Research Lab is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary facility for learning, applied research, and technology development directed toward improving the nature of human performance while​ interacting with technology-driven systems.

A collaboration between the departments of Technology Leadership & Innovation and Aviation Technology, the human factors lab takes an integrative research approach to analyzing psychological, physiological, and technological variables that impact performance, safety, technology-user behavior, organizational effectiveness, and human-technology interaction.

To learn more about the AHF lab's goals as well as discover recent research and publications, check out the overview Here.

[Update: Oct 2011] The AHF lab is also developing as a center for research methodology and statistical guidance, advice, and support for researchers in the Technology fields. In the coming months the lab will add an on-site help station for qualitative data analysis using the latest in qualitative analysis software, NVivo. Quantitative data analysis and research design assistance can also currently be obtained through the Human Factors lab, including assistance with advanced applications of statistics to industry-based data and development of structural equation models using the SPSS and LISREL software packages.

Airline Passenger Survey Report 2012

Current Research Projects in progress in the AHF Lab:

  • Program assessment and process analysis in attracting physically disabled students to aviation (in collaboration with Able Flight training at Purdue)
  • Predicting student success in technology-mediated education
  • Review: Training requirements and competency modeling in light sport aircraft instruction
  • Modeling passenger attitudes regarding commercial air travel and impacts on flying behavior
  • Comparative analysis of objective and subjective quality measures of commercial airlines
  • Statistical and methodological training requirements in Technology fields

Interested in research collaboration, or just want to learn more about the human factors research lab?

Contact Dr. Erin Bowen:

Lab office: TERM 222 or YONG 434
Phone: 765.496.7710 (office); 765.494.9881 (lab)

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