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  • The first symposium of the Consortium for Rapid Smart Grid Impact (CRSGI) will be held at UNESP campus in Guratingueta, Sao Paulo, Brazil. This three day symposium, February 11-13, will be attended by researchers and students from three primary universities, Purdue University (US) De Montfort University (UK) and UNESP University (Brazil), that makes this Global Innovation Initiatives of  the US Department of State and companies affiliated with smart grids.
  • About seventy Purdue University students and twenty-four UNESP students grouped together in December, 2014 to learn about the smart grid project that is currently underway in Brazil. UNESP students joined from Ilha Solteira, Guratingueta, and Bauru campuses with their professors.
  • Several workshops conducted by Prof. Athula Kulatunga (Purdue University), Prof. Subhes Bahattacharyya (De Monfort University), and Profs. Agnelo Cassula, Daniel Sampaio, Daniela Wolter form UNESP- Guaratingueta) and Prof. Pedro da Costa form UNESP- Bauru attracted interested students from various disciplines.