Current Projects




Current Projects


"E-Flex" Adaptive Hybrid Work Instructions- Phase II

  • Hybrid paper and digital work instructions, allowing for rapid data visualization
  • QR 2D barcode technology to provide easy access to digital work instructions or checklists via personal electronic devices
  • Augmented Reality overlays for enhanced on-demand training and amplifying instructions at the point of maintenance or assembly 

Aircraft Systems 2D-QR checklist access, and student utilizing Augmented Reality technical work instructions. 







Visual Electronic Cumulative Threat & Ops. Risk - "VECTOR" Assessment Tool

  • Real time safety/risk intelligence data and visualization displayed at the point of operation
  • Dynamic FMEA/5x5 task-based risk condition monitoring




Auto ID Smart Cart

Testing blended system of RFID, NFC, and QR code embedded technologies to identify, track and display air vehicle parts and inventory












E-Tech - Wearable Data Suit

  • Self contained e-enabled vest holding portable, networked micro PC components
  • Components being tested include wrist screen keyboard/mouse, low-end heads-up-display (HUD) incorporating approved safety eyewear, Raspberry Pi micro computer, shoulder mounted Pico-projection