Lu will add data management skills through second discipline fellowship

Created on: January 25, 2013

Chien-tsung Lu, associate professor of aviation technology, has received a Faculty Fellowship for Study in a Second Discipline for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Lu, who focuses on aviation safety research, will study in the College of Technology’s Department of Computer and Information Technology as well as peer universities in China and Taiwan during the year. He will explore airport hazard reporting systems and conduct a statistical analysis of early alert systems.

He says the increased availability of flight and safety data makes information technology an important aspect of aviation research.

“Aviation safety management is one of the top research priorities of the Federal Aviation Administration,” Lu said. “Information technology expertise is helpful as we conduct research projects using recorded aircraft parameters, engine performance indicators, fuel consumption numbers, and tracked aircraft usage and airworthiness status.”

As a teacher, Lu says, the added perspective of data management and analysis will benefit students who take his aviation safety courses. His students will learn about data management and its relationship to aviation safety, which will increase their marketability as safety analysts.

Long-term, Lu hopes his experiences with data management can lead to low-cost computerized safety systems that can be used at smaller, general aviation airports.

Lu will work with mentor John Springer, associate professor of computer and information technology.

Lu is one of two College of Technology professors selected for the fellowship, which was awarded to five professors University-wide. Bedrich Benes, associate professor of computer graphics technology, will study in the School of Materials Engineering.

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