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Authors of engineering design article honored

Todd Kelley, associate professor of technology leadership and innovation, and his co-author received the 2014 Gerald R. Day Top Peer-Reviewed Article Award from the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association this spring.

The article, which Kelley wrote with Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellow Moira McSpadden, is titled "Engineering Design: Diverse Design Teams to Solve Real-World Problems" and was published in Technology and Engineering Teacher in 2012.

Balloon launch creates buzz, provides experience

The latest high-altitude balloon launch by the Association of Mechanical and Electrical Technologists (AMET) placed them in the news again. The balloon traveled more than 300 miles to near Cleveland, Ohio. After several phone calls to residents in the area, the balloon was located. It arrived back at Purdue five days later, where it was opened in front of local media.

Here are the stories they posted about the launch:

Students study unmanned aerial vehicles

Students are learning how to operate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the first class at Purdue University focused on drones.

The course, taught by Michael Leasure, associate professor of aviation technology, touches on several technologies that work together to allow an aircraft to fly on its own. This is the first time he has been able to offer the course because the technology has finally advanced enough to make it feasible and legal.


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