Nathan W. Hartman, Ed.D.

Nathan Hartman is an Associate Professor and Assistant Department Head in the Department of Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University. He is also manager of the Digital Enterprise Laboratory in the College of Technology. His current research work includes the examining the use of constraint-based CAD tools in the design process, the process and methodology for model-based definition and the model-based enterprise, geometry automation, and data interoperability and re-use. He currently teaches courses in 3D modeling, virtual collaboration, 3D data interoperability, and engineering design graphics standards and documentation. Nathan has taught graduate courses in the foundations of graphics in technology and instrumentation and measurement in research design. Professor Hartman also leads a team of faculty, graduate students and industry personnel in the development and delivery of the Purdue PLM Certificate Program. Nathan holds a Bachelor of Science in Technical Graphics and a Master of Science in Technology from Purdue University, and a Doctorate in Technology Education from North Carolina State University.