The Purdue Polytechnic Institute is being created to serve as a disruptive transformer of the College of Technology and is motivated by the widening gulf between the excitement and passion in generations of students who are adventurous, curious, and socially and environmentally aware.

The Purdue Polytechnic Institute will transcend the college’s archaic model of education based on static knowledge delivery, solitary abstract work, and testing.

The Purdue Polytechnic Institute will create an educational environment that nurtures and unleashes student enthusiasm and passion rather than discourage and filter them out. Our approach to effecting change within the college is built on several elements:

  1. Using the Purdue Polytechnic Institute as an incubator that permits learning innovation outside of the usual norms and constraints,
  2. Changing not just the byproducts of the educational system (courses and pedagogies) but addressing the very culture underlying it,
  3. Engaging in strategic partnerships at Purdue and bringing in outside expertise from educational and industrial environments,
  4. Adopting proven methods that address emotional and cultural change in a systematic and sustainable way.