Technical Elective

CGT 32600 Graphics Standards for Product Definition (spring)
CGT 42300 Product Data Management (spring)
CGT 42600 Industry Applications of Simulation and Visualization (fall)
FNR 30100 Wood Products/Wood Processes
IT 33000 Industrial Sales and Sales Management
IT 34500 Automatic Identification and Data Capture
IT 35100 Occupational Safety and Health
IT 38100 Total Product Maintenance
IT 43400 Global Transportation and Logistics
IT 44200 Production Planning
IT 48300 Facility Design for Lean Manufacturing
MET 30200 CAD in the Enterprise
MET 33400 Advanced Fluid Power
MET 34600 Advanced Materials in Manufacturing
MET 43200 Hydraulic Motion Control
MET 43600 Pneumatic Motion Control
MGMT 45500 Legal Background for Business I
OLS 28400 Leadership Principles

Credit Hours: