Engineering technology graduates impact the design and manufacturing of products we use every day – from canned goods to computers, diapers to digital cameras, and fitness trackers to fuel-efficient vehicles.

Engineering Technology

In Purdue’s engineering technology degree programs, students learn about and practice designing, building, testing and refining. They use class projects to discover how to use the right materials, the right sensors and electronic parts, and the right processes to work efficiently and be attractive to consumers.

Undergraduate Degrees

Learn the design and technical skills to put engineering ideas into action. Use your understanding of electricity and electronics to create or improve everyday and life-changing products.
Put engineering principles to work in this broad, hands-on major that will prepare you to use current technologies to address current local industry needs.
Find better ways to manufacture products and maintain quality control through the entire production process while ensuring efficient use of personnel and resources.
Learn to analyze and solve production problems and work to design systems and operations that improve and streamline the manufacturing process.

Graduate Degrees

From biotechnology to nanotechnology, your graduate studies and research will prepare you for advanced practice of engineering technology, applied research, or leadership in government or industry positions.
Our MET graduate students have focused their research and studies on topics such as sustainable energy systems, advanced manufacturing, product innovation and development, and engineering technology.
Take advantage of a doctorate to develop expertise in a specific technological area and become an advanced leader, researcher, professor or supervisor in technology.