The success of our students is the first priority of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET).

As a result, the ECET CODO policy is to accept those students who are likely to be successful in the EET program. Several factors go into assessing the likelihood of a prospective CODO student's success. Each student is individually reviewed and either accepted or rejected. There is not a specific GPA requirement to CODO into ECET.

For additional information on the ECET CODO process or to find out how your courses would count in the EET program, or for any other relevant information that will assist you in making a wise decision about CODO-ing into ECET, contact the ECET Lead Academic Advisor, Lindsay Haugland (, 765-494-9039, Knoy Room 156) .

ECET accepts CODOs at any time during the fall, spring and summer semesters.