Computer Graphics Technology

With eight areas of specialization to choose from, undergraduate computer graphics students can align their plan of study with their talents. Real-world projects and research opportunities help students put theories into practice.

Undergraduate Degree Options

Combine technical and creative skills to design, analyze and communicate ideas visually. Prepare for a career in industry, advertising, gaming, education, entertainment, construction, web development and beyond.
User experience (UX) encompasses every aspect of a user's interaction with a web site or a product. UX designers aim to create products that not only work reliably but also provide a fun and pleasant user experience.


Study current and emerging graphics theories and technologies associated with the design, documentation, and manufacture and support of products and related services.

Graduate Degrees

Apply your computer graphics expertise to address challenges in instructional design, engineering, graphic design, cognitive psychology, human factors, visualization, and management and more.
Take advantage of a doctorate to develop expertise in a specific technological area and become an advanced leader, researcher, professor or supervisor in technology.